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On the basis of our knowledge, experience and capabilities of the processing of renewable raw materials such as modified potato starch and other organic raw materials as well as the cooperation with specialized enterprises of the measuring and control engineering branch, we are capable to produce biodegradable foils from renewable raw materials.

The cooperation with the network-management-east (NEMO) which is subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Economic and Technology  "Innocative solutions for films and film machines" proved to be pointing the way.

With its modern machinery equipment, the Münchenbernsdorfer Folien GmbH manufactures free of harmful substances with a modern machinery equpment so that its products are ground water neutral, recyclable, or biodegradable.

The efforts to convert an environmental policy in an exemplary way into action can clearly be recognized throughout the production process.

Production wastes, for example, are recycled in an efficient plant and supplied again to the production process.


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